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"Contentment - That's a good word to describe Independence Manor. I can do what I want and don't have to worry about things. Playing bridge and participating in activities that interest me surrounded by many friends and an extremely caring staff. What could be better - certainly not being alone in my house! Plus an added bonus is that my family doesn't have to worry that I'm lying on the floor somewhere in the house. What a relief! It is a win-win situation." - Doris


The Many Ways to Win with Exercise!

Please feel free to join our Activity Aide in the Fitness Gym
(This program is available for Independence Manor residents only)
Located in Physical Therapy – Lower Level B
Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Elliptical Machines: NuStep and PhysioStep. Each will stimulate walking, running or rowing, and will give you a total body workout. Reduces impact on knees, back and joints. Low-impact cardio vascular exercise works muscles in your upper and lower body.

Treadmill: Easiest way to burn calories and stay toned. Boost endurance and helps with breathing capacity. A slow walk between the handrails can be helpful during recovery from a stroke. Can also help reduce depression and anxiety.

Pulley System: Promotes balance while it increases strength in right and left sides. Tightens core muscles to maintain correct form and helps immobile shoulder joint to reduce pain.

The Stairs: Conditions heart muscles and burns significant calories to promote weight loss. Improves muscles in legs, muscle memory and balance. Ten minutes of walking up stairs nets the same benefits as long term biking.

Exercise for Seniors Using Hand Weights

  • As a senior you will benefit from incorporating dumbbell exercises and seated hand weight exercises into your current fitness training program.
  • Use of a chair to assist with strength training increases your muscle strength while relieving pain. Hand weights improve circulation, increases range of motion and enhances cognitive skills.
  • When using free weights, it is important for older adults to engage in a longer warm-up period with cardio and lighter hand weights.
  • Complete 10 – 15 reps for two or three sets per exercise session.

Hand Weight Exercises Include:

Arm Raised Exercise: Targets shoulders. Sit on chair, feet hip-width apart. Push belly button toward spine to engage core, sit up straight. Hold weights in each hand at side. Exhale and raise arms to shoulders with palms facing floor. Hold on second and return to start position. 8 – 15 reps per set.

Bicep Curl Exercise: Same as “Arm Raised”, engage core while sitting up straight. Palm faces inward verses outward. Exhale and curl right arm toward chest while turning palms to face body. Return and repeat with left arm. Total 8 – 15 reps per arm.

Triceps Extension Exercise: Arm raises toward ceiling with palm inward. Use right hand to support left while raising weight. Lower and repeat action with opposite arm. 8 – 15 reps per arm.

Dumbbell Curl: Works muscle in fron of arm, your biceps. Curl arm towards upper arm/shoulder. Do not swing or bend back.

Front and Lateral Raises: Perform seated or standing. Weights in each hand, extended in front of you to shoulder height. Lower weights back down in slow controlled motion.

Weighted Lunges: Challenges lower body. Works buttocks and upper/lower leg muscles. Hold weights in each hand and stand with feet hip-width apart. Step forward with one leg and kneel down as far as comfortable, extend back up, return to start position.