We are proud to have earned New Jersey state's "Advanced Standing" designation for quality!

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Independence Manor
188 State Highway 31
Flemington, NJ 08822
(Behind BJs & CVS)
Main: (908) 788-4893
Fax: (908) 788-3783


"Contentment - That's a good word to describe Independence Manor. I can do what I want and don't have to worry about things. Playing bridge and participating in activities that interest me surrounded by many friends and an extremely caring staff. What could be better - certainly not being alone in my house! Plus an added bonus is that my family doesn't have to worry that I'm lying on the floor somewhere in the house. What a relief! It is a win-win situation." - Doris


Please register for all outings at the front desk.
Reserve your spot as soon as possible!!
Please Note: The cost of a trip will be billed to residents’ rooms.
Residents will need their own means of payment during shopping trips.
If you have any questions regarding an outing,
please call John at ext. 713
(Activities are subject to change.)


Thursday, August 16th – Dollar Store
Board Time: 9:00 am | Cost: Purchases

Friday, August 17th – Marblehead Chowder House
Board Time: 10:30 am | Cost: Meals & Drinks

Sunday, August 19th – Oklahoma (Music Mountain Theatre)
Board Time: 1:00 pm | Cost: Tickets

Thursday, August 23rd – Sands Casino & Atrium Shopping
Board Time: 9:00 am | Cost: Meal/Drinks/Gambling

Friday, August 24th – Sky Manor, Sky Cafe
Board Time: 11:00 am | Cost: Meals & Drinks

Other Sign Ups

Mondays – Manicures, 9:30 am UAL

Sunday August 5th – Sunday Brunch, 10:15 am SP

Tuesday August 14th – Take out Tuesday (Boston Market), 4:30 pm PDR

Tuesday August 21st – Ice Cream Social, 1:00 pm SP

Friday August 24th – Manor Men’s Luncheon, 11:30 am UAL

Thursday August 30th – Competitive Black Jack, 6:00 pm UAL